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digital moving collage

Version of the cover of the album work from 2020, this animated collage was developed for the show LATIN AMERICAN FUTURITY that took place at the facade of EP7 on april 2022.

"This project aims to initiate a public debate on the concept of “Latin American futurity”. For this, Rolando J Carmona and 5 Latin American artists, also 5 women passionate about nature and mysticism, chose the digital facade of the EP7 as their support. This exhibition was accompanied by online interviews conducted by the curator with artists specializing in AI and post digital culture."

The show featured:

@violetforest.js (CO)

@orlyanan (CO/ISR)

@sofiacrespo (ARG)

@patrixdominguez (CL)

@biarritzzz (BR)

Is it possible to treat technologies as an additional form of life with which we must learn to live together, and free ourselves from the man-nature binomial?

biarritzzz is an Afro-descendant artist based in Recife, in 2020 she was the creator of a group of works entitled “I'M NOT AN AFROFUTURIST” where she invites us to look for the differences between Latin American artists and the cultural movement of Afro-descendant origin. This statement can be read as a gesture of claiming Latin American identity and an invitation to reflect on the contribution of our artists to digital culture.

Rolando J. Carmona

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